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Need a better digital presence for your business?

Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. If it doesn't suite what's best for your story, it shouldn't be done. Period.

We aim to achieve a high level of production value to wow and attract your customers. We aim to be on course with the production houses you would find in LA or London...

But on the budget, any business can afford.

How is that possible? Easy. Kinovision is mainly me (Tanner). And trust me, you can afford me and my small talented team. On top of that, being based out of Idaho you get a high-end quality of a professional at the price of Idaho. But don't take my word for it, I like to have my work do the speaking for me.

Video Is Powerful for businesses...

Dear Idaho business owner,

I know how painful it can be to own a website that doesn't bring you any new clients or customers.

Now imagine if your site was actually doing what you intended it to do...

You could finally stop stressing about where your next customers or clients were going to come from, allowing you to focus on running your business.

I have helped countless local Idaho companies break free from the frustration of losing to their competitors online.

This proven process for local growth has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients and can help you achieve freedom too.

More qualified leads per year when video is used.
Of internet traffic is made up of video content.
Faster revenue growth when using video.

A small, personal team focused on the success of your business

The fewer hands it goes through the quicker it can be to achieve your vision.

You get the familiarity of one lead man running the project as if you were to hire out a single freelancer or an in-house employee, but with the experience and bandwidth to scale to whatever your project needs may be.

Let us handle the entire video process, so you can focus on what you do best.


We work alongside your marketing team, and help figure out what message your audience will respond to.


The story is crafted shot for shot and sent as a storyboard to ensure you have the complete vision of the video before a single frame has been shot.


We also provide scripting in multiple formats to suit the project for all actors, talent, voice overs, etc. And the script has to be approved by you the client.


Once the story and marketing is figured out, it's up to our team to get it in camera. We move quickly as the experts in lighting, framing and on screen direction.


Putting it all together in a great cut. We have excellent experience in bringing the story to life.


Mastering audio, color grading and any extra VFX and motion graphics are completed to polish the final product.

Nice to meet you!

I'm Tanner
I like to tell stories.

I'm the founder of Kinovision Productions and your one-stop-shop on everything video related.

I have 6 years in this business and have helped generate millions of views for brands, artists, and companies of all sizes. My absolute passion is everything film and everything involved with that.

In my spare time I write and direct shorts, documentaries, music videos, and by day I do the same thing for businesses and brands by telling their powerful stories and using that same incredible medium of film and video to help them achieve new heights.

Let's make a game plan

Schedule a video strategy call 🎥

For a video strategy call, let's have a creative brainstorm to get you started on what type of video, which platform, or even tone and style you or your brand might need to tell your story.

In this call we will...

Discuss your needs as a business or individual?

Figure out what your "STORY" is and why it needs to be told.

Discuss your brands marketing plan or mission statement.

Specifically, figure how video serves that need.

Figure out which platforms serve your product or service?

Begin to formulate a potential video to serve your needs and see what metrics would determine success.

Put to paper 3 different types of videos that you (or I) could start on ASAP.

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